Hose Guards

The HAVEL hose protector spirals protect the hydraulic and pneumatic hoses and electric wires efficiently against external wear, friction and dents. We have a wide variety of sizes and models available. On request, we manufacture thick-walled hose guards, as well as hose guards with different colours and logos. Fast availability and delivery time!

Effective protection against external wear, friction and chemicals.
Comprehensive range, customizable to customer needs.
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HAVEL - Letkusuoja - hydrauliikka- ja pneumatiikkaletkujen suojat

Auxiliary tools

HAVEL auxiliary tools are a great help when installing hose protective spirals and hydraulic hoses. With the spiral mounting tools, you put hose guards in place in no time. With the marking ring ends the guessing games in hydraulic connections!

Make it significantly easier and faster to install hose guards and hydraulic hoses.
Available in a variety of spiral mounting tools and hose marking rings.
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Havel - Spiral - Letkusuoja basic
Havel - Spiral Letkusuoja


HAVEL’s basic model in yellow and black, and in various other colours.

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Havel - Spiral - Letkusuojamulticolor
Havel - Spiral Letkusuoja


A distinct and impressive hose guard in your company colours.

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Havel - Spiral - Letkusuoja brand
Havel - Spiral Letkusuoja


Add visibility to your company and use your own logo as identification.

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Back in the day, we had an idea for a particular product that has by now become the company’s main product: the hose guard. The hose guard production method is the result of several years of research. Our customers include leading machine and equipment manufacturers in Finland and abroad. Our company’s product range also includes chain and track tools, firewood processing equipment and Ranturi boat racks. We have been manufacturing Ranturi products already for more than 30 years, and we have become one of the leading boat rack manufacturers in Finland. Our family company is located in Ilomantsi, and our values include constant development and reliability, both regarding quality and efficient service. We can provide a good price-quality ratio for our products thanks to our own cost-efficient and modern 2500 m2 premises as well as the Ilomantsi staff dedicated to the company’s goals. Our products are exported to more than 20 countries. We use quality and environmental management systems in accordance with the standards ISO 9001 and 14001. Hassinen Veljekset Oy is happy to provide you expert assistance – contact us!