Hose Guard

HAVEL protection spiral is used by world`s leading machine and equipment manufactures in forestry, agricultral and mining industries. The protector spiral is a prerequisite for long-term performance of your machinery – wherever you work.

Manufactured from durable, UV resistant and recyclable polyethylene and made by extrusion method. Thanks to the manufacturing process that has been tuned to perfection, the hose guards are extremely durable, and the manufacturing process does not generate any plastic waste. HAVEL hose protector spirals provide efficient protection to your hoses against abrasion, shocks and solvents, and can withstand extreme temperature variations (-60 – +85C). You will save time and money, as the hoses will last longer.

HAVEL hose guards have flexible, user-friendly structure. The Installation is easy and uncomplicated. Binding the hoses is easy even after the installation. Spiral installation tools also available, enabling you to position the hose guards in no time at all!

Efficient protection against external wear and tear, chemicals and weather conditions.
Significant savings in time and money.
Improved work safety.
High-quality hose protector spiral that is easy to install.

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Havel - Spiral - Letkusuoja


Our range is extensive and versatile. We have a wide variety of sizes and models available, and HAVEL hose guards can be customised to a great extent. On request, we manufacture thick-walled hose guards, as well as hose guards with different colours and logos – always according to the customer’s requirements. Read more about our hose guards and find a suitable model for your application.

Hose Guards

Outside diameter Inside diameter Stock lengths
12mm 10mm 25m
15mm 12,5mm 25m
18mm 15mm 25m
20mm 16mm 1m, 6m, 25m
25mm 20mm 1m, 6m, 25m
32mm 27mm 1m, 6m, 25m
40mm 34mm 25m
50mm 43,5mm 1m, 6m, 25m
60mm 52mm 6m, 25mm
75mm 66,5mm 1m, 6m, 25m
90mm 81mm 1m, 6m, 25m
110mm 100mm 1m, 6m, 25m
140mm 129mm 1m, 6m, 25m

Spiral Bindings

Outside diameter
Inside diameter
Stock lengths
6mm 4mm 100m
8mm 6mm 50m
10mm 8mm 50m
Havel - Spiral - Letkusuoja basic


HAVEL’s popular basic model. Protects hoses and pipes against abrasion, impact and foreign objects, usable in forestry, agricultural, mining and construction machinery. Sturdy, reliable and durable.

HAVEL hose guards are example of high-quality Finnish design and manufacturing.
In addition to the standard colours (black and yellow), also available in customised colours.
Havel - Spiral - Letkusuoja basic
Havel - Spiral - Letkusuoja multicolor


Recognise colour. Make your company’s colours come to life and increase your brand awareness . A hose guard that will always catch attention when necessary. The Multicolor hose guard is an impressive and stylish option for protecting your machinery. Coloured hose guards also improve safety, as the hoses will be visible from far away.

Hose guards are available in custom colours. All colour combinations are possible, including dual colours.

Spot hoses in varying and challenging conditions.
HAVEL hose guards are visible and distinguishable in the colours you choose.
Havel - Spiral - Letkusuoja multicolor
HAVEL spiral letkusuojat


Ready-made protective spirals of the correct dimensions and size. Away with hose protectors of the wrong size complicating installation. A protective spiral that fits your hoses perfectly!

Perfect fit to your hoses!
The spiral comes with a fixation hole.