Protective sleeve

HAVEL protective sleeve is manufactures of durable polypropylene to protect hose against external wear. The Safesleeve also provides protection in case of hose leaks and explosions. It prevents the oils and other liquids from harming surrounding people or environment. The Safesleeve can withstand acidic and alkaline solvents and chemicals well. The HAVEL Safesleeve can also withstand extreme cold and heat. When used together with a protector spiral, the hose can be firmly and neatly protected and bound.

HAVEL protective sleeve is available in black and in several sizes. We sell the product in 50-meter rolls. The bushings for fastening the sleeves are also available from us.

Protects the hose against friction ands thus prevents the breaking caused by wear and tear.
It improves safety by keeping the people in its vicinity and the environment safe.
Can withstand acids and alkali well.
Is sold in a long roll, from which the sleeve is easy to cut to the desired length.